Memorial Day in DC

Memorial Day in our nation’s capital is a sobering time of remembrance.

While visiting Washington DC  this year, I attended the ceremonies at Arlington Cemetery, visited the war memorials and spent time at the Viet Nam Wall. As people  walked on the pavement  in front of  The Wall, they paused to search for names engraved there, laid mementos and many wept for those lost. I captured much of this with my camera, at times feeling like an intruder.  In the end though, I felt that it was more important for posterity, and for myself, to record the events and emotions of the day. Upon returning home, I viewed the images and began to compile a folder of pictures to combine into collages.

We see pictures from The Wall in books and magazines and on the evening news around Veterans Day and Memorial Day. But what are these people thinking and what do the statues around the wall represent?  I have tried to delve into this subject with my photo-collages. Here are two of them.

These and more will be on display at the Hannon Library at Southern Oregon University during the month of November, 2009.


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