We as artists aspire to having shows where we can share our work with others. If they like it, so be it, if they don’t, so be it. After all it is art.

We as artists appreciate and delight in people coming to our show and, even though we are reticent to admit it, we are disappointed when the public stays away from the opening. It truly gives us a good feeling that you, the public, took the time out of your busy schedule to share in the fruits of our many hours of labor and share in our labor pains.

As student artists, we appreciate input about our art, even if it’s “I don’t get it”. Hell, now we have a chance to expound on our creative thoughts and process. And hopefully, you will then ‘get it’, and if you don’t then maybe you weren’t meant to.

I photographed three student artists at Southern Oregon University knowing if nothing else, I could give them some exposure. I hope they don’t take offense.


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