California Dust Bowl !

About two hundred miles south of Sacramento California the California aqueduct is nearly full of water. The irrigation ditches that lead from the aqueduct to farmers fields are full also, but not with water. They are full of dry tumble-weeds and dead natural grasses.

The fields that would normally tufted white with growing cotton, fed with water from the aqueduct, are dry and barren. On adjacent land, dead and decaying almond trees, deprived of life sustaining water, stand like tombstones in orchards where they once flourished, providing the farmers with money crops, workers with jobs and the nation with nourishing almonds; grown in America.

With the need for money crops and jobs for the great numbers of unemployed in California (now nearing 13%), why is the water being held back from the farmers and the fields? According to the signs posted on empty cotton wagons and in the fields of  the “California dust bowl” it is caused by congress.

I plan to do more research on this and hope to find the answer as to why today’s dust bowl of the  San Fernando valley of California is resembling the dust bowls of the 1930’s wheat fields of Kansas and the Midwest.

Until then, view the evidence and maybe do some research of your own to understand why the  almonds you buy in your local supermarket may be labeled “imported.”


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