Lighting Painting 2

Sometimes light painting effects are used to give a new look at an old subject. OK so I can get bored if I don’t push myself and try to experiment.

Last year while in San Diego I went to the north end of Coronado Island to photograph the SD skyline at night. Who doesn’t like a high-rise cityscape photographed at night. All the buildings lit-up, and since it was Christmas time, with all the trimmings.

The shoot went well but something was just bla-ze’, so pedestrian. So I placed the tripod on stable ground, set the timer and pulled the trigger. Counting to twenty I gave time for the city to plant its feet and then I rotated the camera on the tripod head to the right. After many trial and errors I was able to get the timing down to create the following photo. Hope you like the experiment of a “City on the Move”


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