Time Keeps on Marching

Looked at the calendar and saw that it is already seven days into the new year…where has the time gone. I have survived the first day back to school,which was coincidentally the first Monday of the year, so double kudos to me and my coping skills! But I am worried that there are only 352 shopping days till Christmas and my wife has given me no clue to what she wants for a present. And I  have the double pressure of a present for her birthday…yes she is a Christmas day baby!I guess I could re-gift her “the gift if time.” So many things need to be done around the house.

Fifteen years ago we purchased and still live in a 3,500 sq/ft, 1911 Craftsman. It was built by the towns bank president and news paper owner and has  seen it’s better days. Since we moved in I have been, on and off (more off than on it seems) restoring and repairing the house room by room. My style consists of starting a room and getting most of a room done, taking some time off and then, just to shake things up a bit and relieve the boredom, move on to  a different room. I’m a power napper too, so during the days I am working on the projects I need to nap and recharge, slowing the progress down but not completing stopping it…that is until I start on another room. I’m sure Angela feels my naps have turned  into ones that rival Rip Van Winkle’s. But that is another story.

Still, I guess I could start by finishing that ever complained about base molding in the bathroom, but then the  ceiling could use new paint and maybe a new color on the walls. Seems that it’s a perfect time to repair the leaky faucets and replace the cracked pedestal sink… and the plate rail looks a little lose. I’ll have to complete all that first since those projects are above the molding and I wouldn’t want damage the molding in the process of doing the other repairs. By then I’ll probapably be bored and have to move onto another room…just to shake things up.

Thinking about all this makes me tired and I DO have 352 days until Christmas and her birthday…think I’ll take a nap, recharge and get to it later.


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