“No” When to Ask

Classes are going fine. Learning a little to add to my “learned a lot life.”  More this term than last term I am getting requests from younger students for advice on what camera might be best for them to purchase, to advice on life. I feel I must resemble either Ann Landers or Abigail VanBuran. More likely they caught on that all the gray hair on my head is mine and not “from the bottle gray”.

They are all nice kids, full of life and excitement. Expectations for life after college running high, and for me, that is inspiring. I have to wonder though how some of them ever got into college. Many of them have the insecurities of junior high gigglets.

I had one student, a female one, ask me the name of the student, a male one, whom I had been talking to. I asked why and she told me that she had a crush on him and wanted me to “causally” introduce her. Not bad you say? You’re right, but then she began to concoct a myriad of ways to pull this off…”Hey, are we in middle school? Just walk up and ask him to coffee. I don’t know him…or you.” Then the parental line…”The worst he can say is no. He’s not going to shoot you.”

No I can’t tell you the end of the story as I left, feeling like a middle school kid that didn’t want to get mixed up anyone’s romantic encounter.

I have dispensed this “Just ask, the worst they can say is NO” more times than I can count this term, and we are only starting the second week. And the need to suck it up and be brave seems to have spread to my generation.

Just this evening a “Non traditional student” (those of us who are too brittle to ride skateboards around campus anymore) complained he couldn’t get published in the school paper. I asked him if he had tried yet…want me to tell you the answer…? Those or you who are parents can undoubtedly  answer that one in a heartbeat…it may take the rest of you two beats.

Yes I dispensed my time tested, well used, take my advice it’s free and I’m not using it anyway,  “Try, the worst they can say is NO. They won’t shoot you.”…Well in his case they might.


One thought on ““No” When to Ask

  1. Yah, old as I am the advice may have been needed this time. I already forgot about that conversation. Had been planning on taking the advice, then found myself so irritated about No-Tray-Tuesdays that the rant just bubbled to the surface in words. At any rate, it sure is amusing being around this group of people, mostly young, getting a second chance to see life in school.

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