Tap Dancing

Some of you might think that I’m adventurous and have taken up dance lessons…sorry to disappoint…and the knees won’t let me. But my heart seems to have started lessons of its own.

Two nights ago I went to bed with my tap dancing heart using my ribcage as sound board. Having lived with this happening on and off since I was 25, I knew that all I needed was some sleep. Deep restful sleep, dreams filled with the warm sands and clear turquoise waters of…well anywhere warm and peaceful. Guess I never got to the warm sandy beach, because I woke up to something quite unexpected.

My heart seemed to have gone out during the night and taken Flamenco dance lessons…and brought the class home for a non-command dance recital. Angela woke me with the usual tease “Time for school.” How was I going to play this? “Can’t go today ’cause I don’t feel good.” Nah, that won’t work. How ’bout “There’s nothing important happening today so I’m going to stay home.” “Hey, this is college not high school. Get your butt out of bed and get going” would have been the answer.

Although I didn’t want to alarm or worry Angela, I told her about  the dance company practicing their Carnegie Hall performance in my chest and she reluctantly let me off the hook and said I could go to the doctors…In reality she wanted to drive me and sit with me while I was checked out. I told her I could make it on my own and off I went…don’t do this yourself as I am a trained professional…so many stories of driving my mangled body to the ER…maybe later.

Upon arrival I was ushered into a brand new, never been bled in ICU. I had had everything under control but…Now I was nervous!

I was hooked up to a brand new, never been used EKG machine and watched while the nurses conferred on how to make this thing work. “Not like the one over at hospital.” I kept my confidence, swallowed all fear and all went well. Diagnosis made…the same one I made lying in bed at home but the insurance isn’t about to pay for mine…and the drug needed to slow the heart prescribed, I waited for the injection. It was not in the ICU…well there is more that one drug. An hour and a half later, pressure and heart rate down, the dance group had been downsized to a solo but he was still doing his best to perfect the Flamenco. One nurse asked what the problem was and the other answered “He won’t convert.” …To what? I’m already Catholic!

Glad the pharmacy was within walking distance because the Doc wasn’t going to let me out until he booted ALL the dancers out of my chest first. A quick trip by a nurse to the pharmacy, an injection and half an hour later I was cleared to go…with orders for bed rest…hey, twist my arm would ya.

Seriously though…yes I can go there…I’m thankful for my Doctors and their staff of nurses and medical assistance. It wasn’t a heart attack or in my estimation or hope anything close. But they took great care of me and put me at ease while they worked their magic…and they didn’t have to rename the brand new ICU the Richard W Balzer Memorial ICU.

And next time…hopes there’s not…I’ll let Angela drive!!!!!!


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