Thoughts About Thoughts

I had a thought the other day on something to expound upon here in my blog. The only problem is I forgot what the thought was. I even find myself walking into a room and forgetting why I went there.

Now this in itself is not a problem…but compiling the number of thoughts and frequency of times this has happened recently….well lets not go there. I’m not concerned that I’m developing Alzheimer Disease or any thing like that, but to me and many of us nearing…ugh…sixty we begin to wonder what the hell is going on!

Could it be that our minds have reached a level of capacity that causes one thought to be replaced by another though or does our brain simply  misplace thoughts. Or perhaps the thought is just being childish, you know playing hide and seek. I vote and hope for the latter. The evidence that this could be the case is that many times the thought will show up somewhere around three in the morning and teasing ask,  “Hey are you sleeping? Is this a bad time?”

That is one explanation of what may be the cause of the ever disappearing thought. There are more we use so we don’t feel time slipping by in our life. One of my favorite is the sock in the dryer theory, because nobody can explain where the hell that matching sock has gone. Buying only one  or two colors and styles of socks solves this problem for awhile, but what about thoughts? Can they be purchased  or created in multiple matching pairs.?

Thinking about this brings another thought to mind and I’ll get to it before it finds its way through the Xanadu  worm hole in the back of the drier om my mind and disappears forever…or decides to return with a giggle at three tomorrow morning. Maybe I’m having trouble with my brains transmission and missing second gear on its way to third. Slipping a gear would explain the disconnect between a thought and its forward motion. But then I hear my brain is electrical and not mechanical…so missing gears is not a possibility. Short circuits?, well there’s a possibility! There we have it! My wiring is just wearing out! All I have to do is find a brain surgeon that can rewire my brain to retain thoughts. Put in a new capacitor to store the thoughts so I could know where they are…that is unless I forget where the storage-unit is.

Yes, I’ll have my brain rewired. It’ll be simple. You know like when the plastic surgeon rewired my nose so I could breath better! Now I only have to find the right surgeon and if my insurance will cover it.

This search may take some time and I don’t feel that I should be in a rush to expose my brain to tho open air. I’ll just put this thought away and not worry about any immediacy…that is  until I find myself walking into the bathroom and have forgotten why I went there.


3 thoughts on “Thoughts About Thoughts

  1. Wowuncle nick… This is soooooooohhhhhh cool. i dont even remember the last time i saw this much quality and work ethic put into work to make such a great connection. Well done and i can not wait for the next time that you post something new!!!! ;-0

    P.S. Bravo!!!! and i hope to see you sometime soon!!!!

  2. Hiiiiiiiii!!! i am back! this website is so cool… i think that i am going to stay on this site for a long time that is how good your writting is! your pictures are also a work of art… they are great and very comforting to look at. you are really good at writting and taking pics of nature. if i decide to become a writer or photographer i will use your work as an example of perfection. some of the pictures are really nice. i may take photography when i get older as an elective or something… drawing is not my pasion! If you were to give your work to a pro artist they could copy your work but it would just not be the same because you can not paint or draw nature——- it is as it is and some people try to change other artists drawing and may do a pretty good job but the thing that counts is that they did not make it better or worse… all tthey was destroy the work of the original owner… when someone copies an0ther person they take away the potential that the pic originally had… no one could ever copy your work and make it any better than it alreadu because… well… simply because it would be like destroying the true beuty of nature… good job uncle nick!!!<3

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