The Return of the Tap Dancer

For all you who read my blog, I apologize for my absence. That being said let’s get started.

I just returned from my annual visit to my mother living in the Chicago-land area. This year’s visit was a bit different than the ones in the past. Four weeks before my scheduled arrival in Highland Indiana, my mother underwent an unscheduled open heart surgery to repair a valve that had seen better days.

My two weeks there,  usually spent repairing things around her house, turned into time spent repairing her spirits. If any of you have had this experience you know that reroofing your 84 year old mother’s house would be an easier task.

I learned that the valve condition my mother had is an inherited trait, so those of you that have read “Tap Dancing” understand why I sprinted to the doctor’s when I got home. OK, drove, but you get the picture.

My doc listened to my heart, my concerns about the fact that I felt my heart doing some funny things while I was back at my mothers with true concern. I can understand some of you thinking it is just a sympathy reaction to my mother’s condition or a first year medical student’s belief that they have every disease they study; glad and sorry to disappoint. I have an irregular irregular heartbeat. No that is not a typo; two irregulars is correct.

Now I know that I have been “irregular” for some time, but as for my heart, a double irregular is weird. I guess the doc didn’t chase out the tap dancer before as I thought he had or he just decided to make a return engagement. I believe the tap dancer  had just slowed down his step and put in a more regular rhythm to hide until now.

Hear I was,  all set to begin an exercise routine to strengthen my heart, get back in shape and go on that 25 mile bike ride tomorrow. Doc says no way until I have some more tests. DAMN!

Well I guess I’ll just have to wait until later to become Johnny Armstrong the All American “Boy” again, so for now, I think I’ll just go take a nap.


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