Save the Soaps!

I just got back from Sacram, my short hand for Sacramento CA, after I delivered my daughter’s dog back to her. We were watching Mabel while Elle apprenticed on a farm to learn organic farming. Guess moving to Oregon and drinking the water did something to her.

Anyway, I heard on the radio while I was driving that Soap lovers are going to protest in NYC and LA and other cities known only by initials, the cancellation of some TV soaps. Damn what am I going to do in the daytime now…oh, yea, go to class. Seems that some of the Soaps that keep people glued to their couches all day are going to be…gone…obliterated…maybe even outsourced to India! Oh, whoa is them, what are they going to do. Maybe they will get hooked on “The Biggest Looser.”

I know what to do. It’s an election year. Let’s all call our incumbent congress person and let them know that this is a constituency ripe for the mining. Give your congress person an important cause to rally the masses around! Down with the proletariat, up with the Soap Opera!

Candidates could promise to vote for a “Bailout for the Soaps” bill. After all, I’m sure that Congress people watch the soaps on their all day breaks, and surely the connections that the people in DC have in Tinseltown could influence the people in LA not to cancel the S. O. A. P. S.

They could bring it forward as an “Education Bail Out” bill. Seriously, where else is America supposed to learn about duplicity, corruption, infidelity, vote purchasing, all night drinking, quadrangle love affairs, bribery, informational exaggerating (lying), etc. etc. etc.

Well, if the Soaps really are canceled, what would we do with all the time we would have on our hands, we could just watch CSPAN coverage of Congress and get both our education and Soap fix at the same time.

Problem solved, crisis avoided, no need for another bail out from DC.


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