I just got spammed; not through my email but through some other site while I was checking out some other site. (Redundancy reigns supreme!) I don’t think it was a very good spamming because, for one, I am here writing about it. It was a sight about persuasive communication.

Up popped the window trying to “persuade” me into investing an untold number of dollars in taking their course. Now I have made the mistake before of continuing on through this type of promotion simply to find what it was about. The one fronting information about all the money you spend that you need not spend going to the gym to lose weight.  Well so far for many of us are concerned that might be true. The information proceeded to tell the reader that they didn’t need to be giving that money to the gym. “You needn’t be fooled by gym owners into parting with your money. You will only bounce back and regain any weight lost at the gym.” A dire bit of information to be sure.

OK I was hooked. I knew where they were going with this pitch but I had to see how they got there. He and his wife had come up with a new and improved way (aren’t they all) to lose weight and they were willing to “share” it with me a mere $99. They didn’t give away any hints as to what the system might be so I hit the red X to leave the sight. “Wait! Are you sure you want to leave this sight?” Reflexively I verbally answered “Yes” and hit the red X again! “Wait! We will take $33 dollars of the price and let you pay in 3 easy installments.”   And on and on and on each time I hit the red X. Finally I got out.

I must have learned quickly about persuasion at this newest sight because I only had to fight through 2 more “are you sure” popups. I guess there course must be good because I learned the persuasive technique of saying no without purchasing the course.

And by the way if you want to lose weight safely I’ll share the ultimate secret with you; and it won’t cost you one red cent. Where ever you work out, at home, on the street or in the gym, it’s simple, “Move more, Eat less!”


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