Good-bye Tap Dancer!

Sorry to have been gone so long but the dog ate my Blog-work.

Not good enough? How about, I have felt like I was hit by a Mac truck, tumbled underneath and spit out the back end; still not good enough for some of you?

Well time for the cold hard facts then. I had been going to my doctors to have some tests done before I started working out to get back into shape. My son chided me for being out of breath after climbing one flight of stairs. “Who ever thought I would see the day when I was in better shape than my dad?”

On one of the trips to the doctors I was told I needed an echocardiogram; a fancy name for a sonogram of my heart. It was really interesting watching what was going on inside my chest! I even got to see the tap dancer that has been giving me so much trouble since I was 23. It was a girl. Who or what else could my heart to go aflutter my whole life? Anyway it was back to the heart doctor to have the ‘gram read and thoughts on what to do next. Look out gym here I come. Nope, more tests.

A cat scan and an esophageal echo-cardiogram later I was told that I needed to check into the hospital for open heart surgery tomorrow, or tomorrow, but no later than tomorrow. I checked in that day and had surgery the next. I even had to have a bypass, and it wasn’t even my doing! It wasn’t the cheeseburgers, pizzas, small amounts of red meat etc. that were the culprit! The aortic aneurysm on the aortic root had kinked the blood vessel to my heart and that blockage needed to be bypassed. “Since we’re going in to replace the valve and cut out the aneurysm might as well get it all done while we are under the hood,” the surgeon said. “And while we’re at it, we’ll abrade that pesky ventricle and kick out the Tap Dancer.”

Well after 5 hours of my insides getting acquainted to the outside world, I was closed up and shuttled off to recovery. They said I wasn’t very cooperative while they were trying to remove the intebation tube. I apologized. Hey, they could have told me I was on the moon for a month and I would have believed them…and probably would have apologized for going without taking them along for the trip!

So after a week in the hospital, numerous visits by hallucinations coming from every corner of the room, and several weeks’ recovery at home I am returning to normal; and if you know me that is still a little out there.

So as my strength returns so will I. Still can’t pick up a camera until after Christmas, so someone else will have to take the “look what I got pictures.” …Bummer.

But on the bright side, the Tap Dancer is gone…and I am not going to miss her!


One thought on “Good-bye Tap Dancer!

  1. Well Richard, you are still here and I am still here. That must mean something. Something like life is willing to take chances…

    …cervezas y tequila caballero?

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