Definition—(transitive and intransitive verb) to postpone doing something.

That’s the proper dictionary definition. My improper definition is; me being lazy (or preoccupied with having fun) and putting of doing something that should be done or started, and finished, right now… or maybe even yesterday.

I remember back in high school when I put off a biology project way too long, I ended up spending my whole Christmas break between the library and my desk at home. My stress level was way too high for a high school junior. That taught me a lesson…well almost.

During my adult years the habit of procrastinating crept back in, my taxes are always done and sent off by…you guessed it…April 15th.

Hey, I’ve never had to file an extension.

After I returned to college I worked on my bad habit. No longer would Scarlett O’Hara be my hero, “I’ll think about it tomorrow.”

I made sure I gave myself enough time between classes and didn’t gab too much on Raider way; I gave myself enough time to get my home work done and in on time and do the required reading much sooner than the ten minutes between classes. I did my best to START my papers on time and of course to FINISH them on time.

This seemed to have at least lifted the pressure of having the work finished when it should have been and my heart was grateful. Not preaching here, just glad that I have a lot of life under my belt to be able to know what is important for my future and to be able to take a comical look at myself…just like others do.

Now that school is out…and I have graduated with a BS in Photojournalism…I still need to stay on top of my procrastination. You know, the garden work, the roofing that’s needs repair, the yard that needs mowing. And then there’s the BBQ that needs to be cleaned so that when I do procrastinate I can do it with chicken and steaks on the barbi…maybe a Margarita, Vodka Tonic or a beer while I ponder what I should be doing instead of sitting on the porch watching the grass grow.

I could ponder painting that unfinished part on the back of the house, sweeping the side walk, washing the windows and all the chores that spring up during the summer…but summer is for relaxation and play. I’ll get it all done and there will always be more to do no matter how hard I work…or how long I procrastinate. Just wish the neighbor boy wasn’t only two, I could hire him to climb the ladder and get to the eves of the house.

Well time to get to it, stop procrastinating and get to those things that need to be done so I can go off camping and forget the daily troubles and chores that we all face. And I will work hard on that procrastinating thing…but that can wait until later.


One thought on “Pro.cras.tin.ate;

  1. Richard – if you are in need of advice on procrastination, I’m your man. I can give you plenty of counsel on this art (and it is an art you know if done properly and with passion). My fees you must understand are not cheap as experience comes with a cost. We could however, consider counsel and fees over that “steak on the barbi” you mention (and perhaps that Margarita…).

    Procrastination is in reality about setting priorities. I suggest we put off the chores you mention until at least next week so that we may prepare the cooler; there is beer that must be chilled… jimmau

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