Summer Begins Anew

Summer has finally hit will full force and the days are long and the sun is shining and my feet are in sandals and my head in a long brimmed hat to ward off the sun and my fanny in a chair as I recover from surgery.

I just had knee surgery a couple of days ago and I have been  moping…well not really moping…around trying to find something to entertain my mind while giving my body some much needed rest but also the exercise the doctor said I needed to do.

Reading, although enjoyable, can lead to a sedentary state that can cause complications that should be avoided at all costs. Long winded for “get off your butt!” Whereas this is desirable, hiking, gardening, bike riding, window-shopping or even rock climbing are a bit too strenuous for a knee in recovery and should be avoided…at least for awhile. So I sit and ponder what I could be doing to entertain myself while Angela has taken the dogs to who knows where, probably the river or the lake to cool off, and left poor ol’e me to fend for myself.

You’re right. It is nowhere that bad but sometimes it is fun to just bitch about nothing.

I have heard kids complain every summer about “There’s nothing to do!” after they have complained all school year how “I can’t wait until summer. Man the things I’m going to do!”

And for lack of planning or lack of imagination they sit around and pray for school to return…at least the activities that school will bring. Think, think!

I was watching my dog Pokie the other day entertain himself with a stuffed animal that he had long ago de-stuffed. He would pick it up and toss it in the air contorting his body in unimaginable positions to catch the now ragged toy as it fell from on high. When he got bored with that toy he went and searched the nooks and crannies of all the rooms in the house for the tennis ball he was playing with earlier… this in itself entertaining the both of us. When the tossing of all his toys was exhausted he simply took a piece of kindling from the fire wood box, lay down to manufacture fire starters… such a thoughtful and industrious dog.

I guess I can still learn from someone who is not even trying to teach. I did my leg lifts as instructed, picked up the small weights that were on the floor by my chair and did my required “keep moving” exercises and grabbed an adventure novel to get my mind off being bored.

Not quite throwing a tennis ball or ragged toy up to catch…or even a satisfying as making fire starters, but something to keep me occupied now and put me in training for this winter when the repair on this knee will give me something to hobble on while I recover from having knee replacement surgery on the other knee.

I find the old past time of daydreaming helps the time go by and boredom makes an exit even if for a little while. My mind begins to wonder and my novel falls against my chest as I begin to dose and rest.

Man for the beginning of summer so many years ago when running through the fields of tall grass, hitting a baseball and chasing it, or simply bouncing a tennis ball off a street curb and catching it were mundane and boring.

“Mom…I going over to the sandlot to play some baseball…back for dinner when the shadows reach the other side of the street!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


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