Pain, Pain Go Away

As we move through life our bodies “enjoy” all those new and exciting aches and pains that weren’t there before; those that present themselves without provocation. Those not caused by injury, exercise or lighting strikes. Those that stop by for a visit, unannounced and uninvited. Those that let us know that we are getting old…I should say getting older just to be kind on us.

I recently had surgery on my left knee for a torn cartilage. This had presented itself as such a pain. I knew what it was seeing this is the third time in two years this has happened, but I cannot for the life of me figure out when it happened…or why it happened. It wasn’t caused by hours spent running, time on the basketball court working on my Lou Al Cinder sky hook or even walking the dog at the park. I think that it was spontaneous…I’ve developed a new theory…the theory of “spontaneous degeneration.” Nothing else explains it!

Regardless of cause, I needed, had and am recovering from surgery. Another week and I can get in the pool and start non-weight-bearing exercise to redevelop the muscle that ran away when the pain came…Chicken. My brain is in need of the endorphins that exercise will hopefully produce and my heart needs more that the love of my wife for exercise.

While the doc was in my knee, sitting in his barker lounger that the last three surgeries have paid for, he found some osteoarthritis that was contributing to the pain. With the same condition…but worse of course…in my right knee I figured that I better start looking for some deep reaching pain relief, as the pain will undoubtedly be hanging around uninvited until a knee replacement happens.  Internet research and those old folk pain relief adds on TV have been eye openers. Sure the pain will be gone but the complications that you invite in with the pain relief tablet can be horrendous. Liver failure, jaundice, glaucoma, skin rash, kidney failure, increased thoughts of suicide, and of course that instant relief from pain, “The possibility of sudden death, although rare, has been known to occur!” All said with a straight doctor like tone of voice!

I think I’m going to stick with, anti-inflammatories, hot and cold compresses, elevating my legs and prayers skyward and going to my own mental “Boo-ya moon” in Yosemite to escape the pain. May be I’ll get a medical marijuana card, I do live in Oregon, and smoke myself into oblivion. Well,  I’d have to make brownies because I can’t inhale…I guess that ties me to someone famous, only all the drugs for pain make me forget who…or is it my age.

Regardless of the reasons for my pain and forgetfulness, regardless of the fact that I haven’t had the enjoyment of a ten mile run or a night on the town to bring on the pain I am glad that I do feel it. I see it this way: feeling the pain lets me know I’m alive; dealing with it strengthens my character and having “procedures” to talk about makes me one of the good “old” boys at the end of the bar.


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