Paint to Plumbing

We recently got a call from our daughter asking us to come down to Sacramento to help her finish moving into her new place and of course out of her old. Her work schedule requires her to work weekends so we were glad to help…and who needed to spend a relaxing weekend at Sunset Bay camping, hiking and sipping wine as we watched the sun set over the bay. That would have been much too relaxing for a pre-retirement couple looking to learn what it was like to enjoy the easy life.

So down into the depths of the basement to retrieve forgotten tools to make repairs that her new landlord refused to make because the house was, to anyone who didn’t care about modern connivances and working plumbing, livable.

The light clicked on saving me from fumbling in the dark to locate a new light bulb to replace the one that could have decided to be burnt out (how do they burn out when they are used so little down there?) and I stepped from the bottom step onto the floor and into a puddle of water. Maybe we weren’t going to Elle’s after all. A leaky pipe the suspected culprit…nope the hot water heater was flowing from the top down the sides just past the gas burner and creating the kiddy pool I was standing in. Well I wasn’t going to need hot water here while I was gone, I’ll just turn off the gas and the water supply and replace it when we came home. Decision made, crisis not averted but avoided. (Have you read procrastinate?)

While at Elle’s, we painted walls, cleaned cabinets and windows, shampooed carpets, installed washing machine plumbing, fixed the back door and built a butcher block cabinet out of a desk we rescued from the Goodwill As-Is store for $20. We also found time to go to the SPCA thrift store which was conveniently located close to the dog park…go figure. So needless to say we also spent an exorbitant amount of time throwing tennis balls for Mable, Zoe and Pokie to chase.

Who invented dog parks any way?  Whatever happened to taking the dog to the park around the corner to throw the ball and just walk home? Why have they put up sings dogs must be on a 6 foot leash (and there is a leash cop there with a measure tape to ensure that your leash is of the proper length…wonder what the retirement package is for that job?

Well, all in all we accomplished a ton and headed home at 6:30 on Monday evening… scheduled departure time was 4:00.

Bleary eyed and tired we arrived in Medford at a lazy 12:30 am…and no hot water to rinse off. Ever run a half-marathon, sweat, cool down and go to bed sticky? Too tired to worry about it… need sleeeeeeep.

Up and at em at 8:00 and down to the dungeon to see what damage the leaky water heater did and remove and replace the offending rusty “I ain’t going easy copper!” water heater. Since it had been there long enough for enough crud to block the drain spigot, I’ll have to find some way to drain 40 gallons of water before I drag the old heater up the basement stairs and off to the recyclers. But the new one is in and that was a lot of money for hot water…maybe not.

Now I remember why I used to charge clients so much to do this chore. Well at least I my bank account won’t have to foot the bill for the labor on this one. But it will be a check that I will right that my broken down body will complain about having to cash…well I can rest later and nothing pressing tomorrow…yet.





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