I’ll See You at the Fair!

Lately the days and weeks of my life seem to be passing at an irreverent speed. It is almost the end of July, the 7th month of the year, and summer is one month gone. Because of that the days have slid downhill form the 12 hour day of the summer equinox. Life is speeding by.

Yes I intellectually know that everything is moving at the same 24 hour pace that it did when I was a kid waiting for school to end and summer to begin, or the first snow of the winter to fall and Christmas Day to spring upon us…or once again waiting for spring to come and the first days of baseball season to begin. But none of that helps the helpless feeling that days are moving faster…or God forbid, I’m moving slower.

Yes it is the end of July and the middle of our county fair and I have yet to set foot on the fair grounds, camera in hand and record this year’s Americana Extravaganza. I have yet to have my annual taste of artery clogging Polish sausage covered in a camouflage of onions and peppers that give it the appearance of some kind of vegetarian feast on a bun…when all the while underneath lies the flavor of the county fair. Then off to get a shaved ice of many colors to cool the indigestion which is to inevitably to follow. But hey, the fair only comes around once a year.

I truly would miss not being a spectator of the events that transpire at the county fair. I love to watch the 4H horse events and wonder and marvel how kids so small can control animals so large and formidable. I love checking out all the entries into the “Look what I did!” categories in the exhibit halls. I enjoy watching as the kids present animals that they have spent a year raising to show and sell at the fair and the barkers and side shows giving an air of calamity to the whole proceedings.

But… I have no desire to climb aboard the seemingly life threatening rides to help eliminate the indigestion. I am content to watch the screaming teens, the terrified children whose parents convinced the “carnie”…and themselves… “That my kids can handle it,” or the parents who reluctantly gave in and climbed  aboard the 100 foot drop, over the top, side twisting, upside-down turning, gut wrenching ride that no one short of  super hero status should be on ride, with their kids because they didn’t want to appear less than superhuman. I am even content just to watch boyfriends spend an entire weeks earnings trying to impress girl friends and win a stuffed whatever that could have been purchased for a dollar somewhere. After all it’s not the animal she will be carrying but her unadulterated pride that her boyfriend was willing to spend a fortune to please her. Ah yes, a glimmer of his willingness to shower her with his love and affection and gifts for weeks to come.

Me…I am happy to record all this foolishness that I myself was foolishly involved in during my days of frivolity, and would feel slighted to have missed. I need to find someone to watch the dogs so I can go wrap myself in the atmosphere of the true Mayberry experience. A place in time where I can forget the pressures of every day life, live the fantasies of all ages, put aside the rationalities of convention and simply enjoy.

Yes I will be totally in a miserable state if I don’t grab the gusto…and the Polish sausage and shaved ice… and have missed the county fair. So…said with conviction…I’ll see you at the fair!


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