Endless Energy

I just read a passage in two separate books talking about the snow. Yes I do know that it is the middle or so of the summer and I do like the heat and sun, but I found the thought of a falling snow and a grey sky comforting. Cloudy chilly afternoons are perfect for taking a nap, reading good books and napping some more.

I think I’m leaning to appreciating the snowy day that is far in the distant (I hope) future because I have started to recondition my body from the past months of inability to move at more than a snail’s pace. My open-heart surgery and left knee surgery have kept me from living an active life. I have been on the move but not my spry old self…enough about the old part. So twice in the last three days I have headed off to the pool to swim laps. Both stroke and paddle board to make sure that my everything gets a work out…but mainly my lungs. And I am tired. Workout recovery time has reached an extended period of time and I sincerely hope that changes.

I remember having a year between whatever sport I was involved in each year in school of even changing from one sport to another and suffering the reuse and recovery of muscles that were required in one sport but not in another. I ached, I hurt, I was exhausted but I persevered and pushed through the two or three weeks that it took to recoup and get back into shape. Now even resting seems like it takes work and the recoup time is much longer.

I envy the youthful exuberance of our new dog Pokey (formally known as Zeek). When I take him to the dog park he hits the ground running. I don’t mean once I get him into the gate but the split second that he leaves the car and almost touches down on the ground. He’s off like a dog possessed. I am totally surprised when he gets to the gate he does not run headlong into it thereby pressing him through the holes in the chain link and resembling himself on the other side. Once the gate is open he races off in search of any dog that will play chase and when that dog tires of playing or tires of Pokey, he will run off to find another dog to play chase and tag with.

After he has exhausted all possible playmates he loves to come to me with a tennis ball in his mouth and dropping it at my feet he gives me the common let’s play look of a dog that has just arrived at the park. And I better have another ball ready when he returns the one I have just thrown because his nervous energy has him ready to sprint after my next throw even before the returned ball has hit the ground. And heaven forbid that another dog should arrive before I have tired Poky out or I’m in for another half hour at the dog park. The only way I know that he is even near finished playing is that when he returns the ball to me he will fall upon it like it’s a grenade and he is sacrificing himself to save all his playmates.

Needless to say I admire and envy his ability to continue his play at the energy level he does but sometimes wish there was some way to tire him out sooner. Maybe when the snow and the grey skies return he will feel the need to curl up and nap alongside me more…I can only hope.


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