Reality Check!

I was knocking around the house this morning and decided to check my list of things to do. On it was a visit to the blood lab to have a fasting draw done for my annual checkup. (Glad I had forgotten to eat breakfast!) I loaded the dogs into the car and headed out to the lab about ten miles from the house. I began wondering why the lab that was just around the corner from my neighborhood wasn’t a good enough place to have my doctor schedule the draw and save me a couple gallons of gas. Well at least this will be finished and off the list.

When I got there the tech was able to take me right away saving me the time it usually takes to be waited on and have to listen to the stories of aliments of the elderly clientele. But it didn’t give me time to read the article in Retired Life Motorhoming…A Trip to Serenity. (I just pocketed the magazine for later and saved the $3.50 it would have cost me at the news stand.)

This delightful chore done I decided to stop at Costco on the way home…saving gas and money…and drop off the prescriptions I had been carrying in my wallet for a week and there by allowing me to remove that reminder string on my ring finger. Since it was going to be a twenty minute wait, (and why does it take so long to fill a little prescription bottle with a month’s supply of pills any way?) I decided to take the dogs back by the airport and take the daily half hour walk that the doctor ordered to reduce the love handles that seemed to have found their way onto my waist overnight.

Upon returning to the store I noticed that there were an awful lot of elderly people there. They shuffled through the aisles discussing wither this was a better place to purchase their laxatives, Geratol and other senior health aids. Their half step walk impeded my speed and I was near run over by an elderly gentleman in a three wheeled electric powered scooter. How is it that this guy still has a license to drive any motorized vehicle…anywhere! The buses from the retirement home must be making repeated trips to fill the store today for their weekly outing.

I decided to forgo the usual stroll through the free food hand out at the tasting counters as there were a lot white haired citizens who seemed to plan their trip to Costco to coincide with lunch time. Guess I was going to have to wait until I got home to eat.

So I headed for the cereal aisle grabbed a box of raisin bran…to make sure breakfast would not be forgotten tomorrow and so that everything would be back to normal…headed to the pharmacy to pick up my blood pressure, cholesterol and heart medications, paid at the checkout counter, picked up my new progressive bifocals at the eyeglass counter and headed over to the information counter to make sure I had the new senior day shopping calendar so next time I need a few things and a free lunch I was not to be impeded by senior citizens.

When I got home I checked the mail and was pleased to see that my afternoon nap would not be filled with dreams of worry about where my new AARP card and large print Reader’s Digest were.


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