Wandering When I”m Wondering

I recently went to my own blog and read some of my own writings. Much of it is pretty entertaining stuff…although I must admit that I do wander when I wonder.

I’ll begin with a topic of interest…to at least myself if nobody else…and wander off the subject, take a path to somewhere else; sometimes returning to the topic I started with or sometimes end somewhere I and the reader had no idea where I was heading. I do see though that it all does work.

For example; if I were to begin with the fact that we were once taught to begin the conversation talking about the weather because it is, er, was a safe topic to converse about.

You see, one cannot talk about religion or politics. Being that everyone has a different and very personal view on these topics an argument may erupt…then that would become the topic of conversation among just about everyone else present. And who knows how many more arguments that would begin…and hey maybe even WW IV if the environment was conducive that that.

So what does one talk about? The mention of sex might entangle one in a sexual harassment law suit even if the “sex talk” was about the matting habits of the red-headed flat-billed long-winged ten pound humming bird from a country and time that are so removed and never existed in the first place. Someone might talk such talk for code and incorrectly surmise the conversation is about them. They might feel that just because they have red hair, flat lips, long limbs and have flown in from some country that no longer exists in this time and place and are promiscuous to a fault the story must be about them… and therefore the conversation is unacceptable for polite company. We must watch the sensitivities of others and disregard ourselves at all costs. I mean don’t get me started.

So what is safe to talk about? Like I said…I was once told to go with the weather. But that is no longer a topic that lives in the safe zone of acceptable conversation. But should I really let the fervor over whether or not man is the cause of the perceived global warming…or climate change depending on to whom you are  speaking with…disrupt my desire or my previously taught safe topic be stricken from my conversations? Should I shift my safe topic to cars…making sure I steer clear of conversations concerning the back seat…or to Rodeos where the conversation might turn to how well that bull or mare was ridden.

I don’t think that I for one will fall to the whims and misconceptions and taboos of what some consider conversational etiquette. I think I will continue to wander in my conversations as I do sometimes in my writings and keep my conversation partner confused as to where I am going. This will at least keep them involved and concentrating on what I am talking about for fear of missing something and unable to understand how I got here from there.

And honestly I don’t know how I got here from talking about whatever it was that started this conversation with you…but it seemed to keep you entertained long enough to get here from there.

So I guess all in all it IS ok if I wander when I wonder.


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