Coffee Cups and Moods

Day and night seem to be blending into one big span of time that has no separation. I mean seriously my daily naps that use to last only ten minutes have turned into an hour…at least. I feel the drag of all the strenuous work that it took me to get out of bed, to get down the stairs and to make coffee, toast and a bowl of raisin bran for breakfast. Then my need to walk around the house to warm my knees up to be able to sit at the computer and write takes a considerable amount of energy, preparing me for my mid-morning snooze. So desperately needed for my physical and mental health.

After all this I feel the need to recharge and replenish m y ford reservoir. So up from the nap, down the stairs, prepare lunch, warm up the knees and off to do daily chores that can only be done in the warmth of the afternoon…because my body needs the warmth, not the chores.

The dogs just came and told me that my daily nap needs to be put on hold because they feel the need to go to the dog park, check their p-mail, make new doggy pals and in general just have a doggy day out. So I’ll be back in a while as I relinquish the master’s role to them and go for a walk. I will have to forgo the nap this morning as I know the dogs won’t wait.

Returned and did the lawn work as playing at the dog park and chasing the Frisbee after I threw for the dogs was not returned and after all, someone had to pick it up.

The sun never came out to warm me up so I made coffee…French press as I such the coffee snob. I went to the cupboard to retrieve a cup and had a funny realization…none of our cups match, so which one to use would be reflective of my mood. I have no favorite mug to speak of… but what I’m doing and how fast I drink my coffee or how much of my coffee I drink at one sitting dictates the cup/mug I use.

My green one from Starbucks is the one I use if I feel that I am in the mood for company. Although no one is around it puts me in the space of mind where I am at a coffee house with friends discussing…well the Seinfeld nothing. Then I have one given to me by an Army recruiter that holds enough coffee that I could drink all morning without going back to the coffee pot. The normal lime green one is for when I want a little coffee but I want the coffee to remain hot for the short time I’m drinking it. Then I have the ‘so heavy weigh me down can’t carry it around,I could use it for weight training mug that it is so thick it will retain heat for an extended period of time there by affording me a hot cup of coffee while I write.

Last but by far not the least is the average size, shape and weight mug with pictures of cabinetmakers hand tools on it. The mug, some worse for the wear has a chip on the lower edge of the mug but still works fine. This one I use when I feel that my body is becoming dinged and dented, worn and bruised but still capable of being productive…even if just for a short while.

As the man says, “Stay thirsty my friend.”


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