Answer to Kana Tyler

The sun rose this morning as it seems to do every morning…I know because when I let the dogs out so they can check the nightly p-mail and leave their own, there it is. Most days it is bright. Some days it is peeking through the clouds giving them the colors of heaven. Sometimes I am treated with a silver cloud morning with the sun attempting to shine through a thin layer of clouds, giving the morning a soft glowing light. Morning starts the day and starts a new life for all of us. Although every morning… bright, cloudy, silver, or even rainy…is a beautiful thing to experience. But regardless of what type of morning tomorrow is, IT WILL BE SPECTACULAR!!!!

Wait, wait…how did I get here? I need to start at the end…well the beginning…you might even consider it the middle…this one I will let be seen your point of view.

I have been blogging for some time now and have had many people climb the stairs into the backyard that is mind, and wonder around collecting followers that are my musings and leaving praise and notes of thanks for the garden I have cultivated. One recent visitor, a fellow writer…hello Kana Tyler…left me a note telling of how she started writing and an open challenge to all who dare answer the intriguing stated question…I AM.

I have been pondering on how to answer this question for days…and nights…my 3AM muse won’t leave me be. As I went through some of Kana’s list I noticed more than a few similarities…wonder how many other writers out there do to?…writer, photographer, explorer, traveler, diver (Navy Deep Sea and scuba) and parent. The list parallels further, but to my answer to her question?- challenge?

I AM here, within my body and mind, occupying myself with lifelong learning. I am a member of the human race that occupies this planet, with a desire to explore every part of it physically possible. I am a survivor, living through the wake of my past and hopping to improve every minute of my future and enjoy every sunrise that I can…and the day that follows. I am a lover, of life, my wife, my children, my fellow human beings and all that they encompass.

But most importantly, I AM ALIVE, and tomorrow I will enjoy the most beautiful sunrise as it comes to me to begin the celebration of my FIRST birthday. I may have 60 years of life behind me but for the grace of God I would have died somewhere near October 21 2010. I had an aneurism on the ascending aorta of my heart that was ready to rupture. It was discovered in the preceding week and operated on October 21. So tomorrow I will celebrate a year that I most likely would never have celebrated. I have and will continue to celebrate each day of my life as if it were the last because every life has an expiration date we do not know what that date is.

So everyone that honors me by reading this, celebrate wherever you are…celebrate my life…celebrate your loved ones life…simply celebrate life each and every day.

Once again Kana…I AM ALIVE!!!!!!


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