The “Halloween” Season

It’s fright night…and I don’t have any candy to dole out. Now that is frighting. Who started this anyway and did they know what it would become…and did they have in mind how many kids would be disappointed when a freak snowstorm would hit the eastern seaboard? Or how many parents would be freaked out because they have no idea how to deal with a little devil that is dressed as a little devil, crying uncontrollably because candy night has been canceled. The night that, for some reason, has become almost as important to some as Christmas, I even heard someone refer to this as the “Halloween Season!” GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!

Now don’t get me wrong, I like Halloween…I even participated in it as a kid. Clowns, bums, fairies, witches, goblins, etc! The only costume I can remember from my childhood was when I dressed a Robin Hood. Lame you say, lame you say!? Not even! My mother spent hours making the costume out of green felt and fitting it so it looked like…well…like it was made for ME! She even performed this feat of magic, this labor of love for my four brothers. (Mothers, where would we be without them?)

Any way…got off track there…I see this loving chore performed by mothers and fathers today, but to think that Halloween is a season is stretching it way too far. The one night is enough. Seriously, yards decorated with spiders, jack-o-lanterns, grave yards and other “seasonal” paraphernalia for weeks before…and after the screams of Trick-or- Treat have been yelled at doors for candy and screams of delight squealed as costumed children run to the next house in delight…is becoming a little too much for me. I am ready for Halloween to be started and finished in one day and in one night.

And even before the a fore mentioned “season” has ended the Christmas season begins…and the Thanksgiving holiday is becoming completely overlooked except for the turkey dinner and the T-day football. As a kid I remember that Christmas excitement and anticipation didn’t start until the day after the Thanksgiving turkey was bagged and in the freezer waiting to be made into turkey a la-king somewhere in the near future when Christmas shopping had taken the entire day and a quick-fix meal was called for. It’s no wonder people feel stressed at Christmas with the shopping “season” starting the day after the “new season” has just ended. Who can keep up the excitement of Christmas and all the trimmings for a solid two months of nonstop anticipation of Santa down the chimney, presents under the tree and those sugary plums dancing in the heads of children driving them to a diabetic dream coma?

I say let’s go back to Halloween being the one day that it used to be, Thanksgiving being that long four-day holiday in November where we recoup from the entire year of previous holiday celebrations, Christmas season beginning the day after T-day Friday and where New Years, the day where we realized that one more time we overdid the Turkey, pumpkin pie, Christmas excitement, New Year’s Eve Cheer and recover from the credit card swiping induced carpel tunnel, begins the madness all over again…


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