Letting Go

People have asked me, “How are you able to write about topics that seem mundane to most but make the article enjoyable to read?”

OK, I’m paraphrasing and maybe, just maybe stretching the truth of my abilities to make anything enjoyable reading. But I have been told by people that they have picked up the paper simply to read my column…and that feels good.

If I were to think about my abilities to write I would probably wonder how I got from where I was about two years ago…staring at a blank page unable to think of anything to write let alone write about a topic I was given…to where I am today. Maybe it’s because I have lived through most of the topics I write about.

Seriously, I have had many incarnations in my life and in every one of them there is something to write about. As a cabinet maker and contractor I hurt myself so many times and spent an enormous amount of time in ERs and clinics getting patched up they eventually put my name on one of the exam doors and I didn’t even have to check in. The nurse would simply ask, “What did you do this time?” My wife jokes, still to this day, that no job is complete without a trip to the ER.

Once I was painting a two-story house and was up on a ladder painting under the eaves of the second story. The ladder was sitting on a new plastic wood deck. Needless to say the ladder began to slip and my brain has never worked so fast. I threw the spray gun behind me, pushed the ladder from the wall as it was sliding down to avoid  crashing through the glass double French doors that were directly below me and mentally prepared myself for the inevitable crash, broken bones and ambulance assisted trip to the ER. I landed on my feet…like a lithe cat… bounced to the right and completed a designer, perfect, elite commando parachute role…lying on the deck waiting for the pain to begin. Nothing! Then I heard a laugh. I figured whoever saw this ballet had a right to laugh…Baryshnikov I was not. The laughter subsided and then began again… “Show yourself so I can laugh with you!” Nothing. My mind cleared and the laughter began anew…coming from a tree…a squirrel!  My dignity spared, except for the tales that the squirrel would undoubtedly tell over nut souffle and nut brown ale…and my secret safe, save for when I could no longer keep the humorous story to myself. And all that I suffered was a sprained ankle…no need for a trip to the ER… and a bruised ego that would heal quickly since no one but a squirrel witnessed my woeful attempt at “gravity ballet.”

I am now in a creativity class on the road to my MEd and needed to find quotes that inspired my creativity…being off my rocker isn’t enough…after all creativity is simply “insanity lite”…less filling and less calories.

In my search I came across this one by Sylvia Plath

“And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.”

So, with this new found  permission from Sylvia Plath, I will continue to  spin yarns from fictional wool, create an imaginary blanket of thought and humor to daydream under as I simply let go of self doubt and fly!


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