Beating the Odds

I’ll admit it…I played the big one, the hope for a better life, the 918 Porsche Spider in the 12 car garage, the 640 million dollar Mega Millions Lottery. So what if I had a better chance of getting killed by a vending machine, so what if I had a better chance of getting hit by lightning…twice, so what if the odds were 1 in 176,000,000 I had to do it.
Seriously, it was divine intervention. I have been praying for years…God please let me win the lottery. There is so much good I could do with all that money. Not only could I make so many people happy…I could make myself happy…er by giving a lot of the money away…yeah, that’s it!
So this went on for years…and years…and years at nauseum. I was always thought that if you pray hard enough your prayers will be answered. Yeah I know that sometimes the answer is no but I have been praying to win the lottery for so long.
So as I lay me down to sleep I prayed the winnings mine to keep and I heard God answer me as clear as a bell…

“Richard…help me out…BUY A TICKET!!!!”

No I didn’t win so don’t ask me to share my winnings with you…and as for my losings, I could have spent the same five bucks for a Guinness at the bar and had less of a rush and less expectations of getting lucky.
Everyone kept saying the odds of winning are to great but with 1.4 billion tickets sold the odds of someone beating the odds were better than great…actually three people beat the odds. And besides the odds of winning with one ticket…1 in 176,000,000 were much better that the odds of not buying a ticket…ZERO IN 176,000,000. So…

“Richard…help me out…BUY A TICKET”


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