Assignments and Avoidence

We were given an assignment for a class I am in that I thought would be a snap… “Spend three hours on Friday doing something you want to do that you have difficulty finding the time to do.”

Now there are many things that I have trouble finding time to do…some of them are chores I simply don’t seem to find the time to get to (or avoid like the plague), or putting on my outdated track shoes and take a couple of miles off the road and a few calories off that chocolate sunday I had on Thursday night, but my orthopedic surgeon says no. Make that a definite no seeing that the artificial knee now occupying space in the middle of my right leg is not created for running.

An aside on that point is…why not? Rockets to the moon, land rovers to Mars, satellites to Jupiter and beyond, reusable orbiters that withstand the heat of reentry and they can’t make an artificial knee that will stand up to a little pounding. Hey!, scientists, you listening?

So why not do something that I love to do and can do…think, write, and read. Oh yea, it is suppose to be something that we have trouble finding time to do. Let me think, make a list and read it…no, that won’t work it involves those three things. I know let me jumble the order of the list and it will work. It will at least be different. Write, read and think. What to write though…something that I can read and think about. But then…I’m drawing a blank.

Maybe if I put read at the beginning of the list I will read something that I can think about. But that might also  be defeating the “Do something you have difficulty finding time to do,” because other school work requires reading to write about and then…wait wouldn’t thinking come before writing in this equation? And besides having difficulty finding time to do homework is not difficult because I NEED to make time for that. Let me think…let me think…

The heck with it…I’ll be a rebel without a clause and just THINK, WRITE and READ!

Now, that’s an orderly list and I can agree with it. It just feels comfortable and sounds doable…and relaxing. ..I should have thought about this list order in the first place.

Glad I made the time to think about this assignment, write what I did and read it and made time to correct any typos before I turn it in on Saturday.

And best of all, I once again avoided those pesky chores!


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