Speed of Thought

Walking along the road my knees were letting me know that I am truly 61, but my senses were telling me I was anything but. I could hear the rumble of thunder in the heavens and feel the light June rain falling. I could smell the warm dusty pavement being gently dampened by the chilly time transport of memory and I was whisked away to a happier time in the youthful days of my life. I don’t know if the people I saw walking in their own world of thought were enjoying their own travel through time or were stuck in the “Where’s the sun that was here yesterday,” life trap that we so often call the present.

Change is not always a bad thing…and I agree that sometimes it is not a good thing…but yesterday it was. I left the gloom I was in and was transported to the days of sitting on my parent’s porch, sitting back, inhaling the warm musk of freshly dampened hot pavement and enjoying a summer rain. It is simply amazing how a sight or sound can trigger a memory but more amazing how a smell can slingshot me into the past faster than the speed of thought.

I walked toward my destination knowing that this bit of time travel would only last until I entered the time portal that was the door of the building I was headed toward, so I slowed my pace closed my eyes…prayed I would not run into a lamp pole…and enjoyed the feeling that was this memory of a non time specific day in my happy past.

The door…oh well back to the present and its trials and tribulations…but this trip into the days of innocence and ignorance of how important that day would become in the future, has rejuvenated my spirit and has made the trials of this day in adulthood at least bearable if not enjoyable. Because some day in the future when life is getting me down, another warm spring rain may slingshot me back to this interlude in time and today may become a happy memory and the rejuvenating feeling of innocence in my aged youth.


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