Thursday is Friday

Thursday presented itself as my Friday. I decided that I would continue what I was doing since I was…as Benny Goodman put it to music “In the Mood.”…and I could disprove my intelligent son’s decision that we needed an airless to paint the house.

I had boxed…that’s mixing between two 5 gallon cans…the cans of miss-tint paints I had purchased for a song at the hardware store and came close to the charcoal color my wife had originally chosen for the “ranch.” The song was $40 and the 5 gallon cost of chosen color would have been $140…time well spent learning from a pro during my cabinetmaking apprenticeship days.

With the color mixed and approved, it was time to put a sample on the house, let it dry and make sure it was…well…”good enough for a rental.” Better than was the judgment.

The day was warm; rain wasn’t expected for two days, my mood was good…the most important part of this equation…and it was, as they say in song…”the time of the season.”

I floated in my on world of Zen and continued to finish the back of the house. There was more sun in the sky, paint in the bucket, and energy in my soul and more “time in the season,” so I continued to change the color of the house. I could hear the siding singing in joy with each push of the roller and stroke of the brush. And I myself went into a Zen created trance that only comes from painting. (I could go on about my personal world during this time…but I will spare you that indignity.)

When I woke up and the bucket was empty, there was 8 feet of wall left to finish half the house. My momentum was broken, but with dogged determination, I added to the bottom of the bucket and continued…but the Zen didn’t. With only 4 feet remaining I pushed through, begrudging every push of the roller and stroke of the brush, but I finished.

Brushes and rollers cleaned, paint sealed and stored for another day I headed home arriving at 8:00 in the evening. Bread, cheese and wine to celebrate, a shower and 10 minutes of reading and I fell into and exhausted sleep. Exhausted from my hours of painting…my hours of Zen.

I awoke this morning, showered, dressed, took the dogs out for their morning toilet’, and off to the kitchen to prepare a day off breakfast of an egg sandwich…OH GOD it hurts to bend over to get the pan out of the lower cabinet.

Am I to old for Zen…no just too old for painting!


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