I AM Right

I used to give my son grief back in the mid 1990’s when he complained how slow our computer was. We had just bought it before our move to Oregon for $1200…and that was at a steep discount because my wife worked at the school district. Of course he also used to sing along with the Will Smith rap hit that “Parents just don’t understand.” Really I did …but not about computers. So what, he had to wait for something from the internet to load for and interminable 30 seconds…that was 29 seconds too slow. Me, the guy that gets accused for driving grandpa slow on the freeway thought that 29 seconds was fast enough and we didn’t need to upgrade a two year old computer.

Well now that I am…how they say…computer literate…oh crap this hurts…he was and is right…30 seconds is a lifetime in the computer world. But I still don’t have  $1200 (or more) sitting around to upgrade a computer that has been trashed, replaced and upgraded more than my Levis or body parts…well that is not a fair comparison but it is funny…NO? Any ways..

I now sit here…computer literate and frustrated by my computer that takes more than 5 seconds to do what I want it to do and sometimes states “Well, that’s embarrassing. I seem to have crashed and not only have lost your connection to the outside world, but I seem to have lost all that you have been working on for the last 24 hours. It is so lucky that I have a Truman Capote mind and can remember verbatim what I had been writing for the past ten seconds…so computer 1, me 1. Nothing lost, nothing gained.

My big complaint is that my video card seems to be going and I have what appears to be a multi-colored bar code…probably telling me that “Any minute sucker it’ll be computer incalculable and me 1.

Then what do I do with the 10,000plus photos that are my livelihood and are stored on my computers hard-drive? Well I could send the hard drive in and have it, hopefully, restored. Or purchase a backup drive which might follow the three that I have already purchased, crashed and are waiting to be sent to New York, in hopes of salvage…or I could just keep praying that I don’t have a crash on my main frame anytime soon. Maybe just, maybe, people will go to rwbalzer.com and to my zenpholio site and purchase enough of my photos so that I can afford a newer computer and a raid backup system to support my habit of photography. (Such a shameless plug I know.)

And since my dilemma has proven my son right, all you 30 something’s can laugh at your parents, point to me and say “See, See…I AM right.”


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