Those Short Vacations

I helped my wife out the door this morning to her reminders of things that I needed (in her mind) to accomplish today. I ate my breakfast of Cheerios, rinsed the bowl and headed back upstairs for a return to dreamland. My visit last night just didn’t seem long enough. My alarm set, I went back to sleep for what seemed like a 5 minute hour. But I checked the clock and an hour had definitely passed on the face of the box…but not on the face of my body.

Up and at those pesky chores that needed to be done. I particularly liked the first one…pour a cup of coffee, grab a muffin topped with pecans and sit on the front porch, allow the dogs their front yard freedom and read an article in Bon Apatite about a son’s memories of his father’s love for “different” food and how he was overjoyed his 4 year old daughter found delight in oysters on the half shell and succulent lobster.

I had to stop the younger dog Pokey from exploring the possibility of making friends with a mangy alley cat that roams the neighborhood and get him and Zoey back in the house. Now to work…wait there still remains that last of my coffee and the article in the Better Home and Gardens about procrastination and housework that I wanted to get too. I definitely need to discover the reason why other people simply can’t get to those so easily done chores that they over look all week and need get done on the weekends when they should be taking those short vacations to the one tank locations to relax from the entirety of things they needed to do all week.

Humm…not much here…so I guess I should get to those dishes I left last night so I could go to bed early so I would have enough energy to do them and the other chores that have piling up all week so we can go on a short vacation tomorrow.

Darn the dogs are barking and if I don’t load them into the truck, head over to the thrift store and rummage for a few used tennis balls…and other unneeded items… and then take them to the park for a romp and tire them out they will never be tired enough to lay on the couch while I take my afternoon nap after I have gotten the yard work, the painting, wall repair, the dishes, the laundry and the floors done so I won’t have to worry about them and not be able to take that short vacation this weekend. Just thinking about all that needs to be done tires me.

That article in Better Home and Gardens never motioned anyone who had as many obstacles as I have in their way to getting to the daily chores, only procrastinators. And since I didn’t find any help there, I guess I just have to go to the park and watch the dogs play and think about it for awhile. Maybe I’ll hit upon something I can write about to help them break their well entrenched habits of putting chores off until the weekend.

I’ll get back to you after my afternoon nap if I come up with anything.


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