Who Really Earned the Gold

The Olympics are on, peace in Syria is way off, the world is still in an economic turmoil with no end in sight for all but the Olympics…and they aren’t easy to watch because they aren’t on the telly when I have the time to watch. I may be semi retired and some think that I have all the time in the world to sit in front of the TV during the day and watch the world’s athletes chase the gold…in more ways than one…but I have to build my empire and tend to my investments…no one else is going to do it for me.

I don’t begrudge them the money they earn after they get the “Gold” but I am old school. I believe in the true spirit of the Olympics… “For the love of the ‘Sport.” I used to love watching the Games to see the rewards earned and received for dedication and hard work…but now…

I remember reading how Jim Thorpe was stripped of his medals because of playing base ball for room and board instead of working on a farm for less money during a summer before the Games, he was considered a professional. Now, just about everyone competing in the Games IS professional and true amateurs are basically locked out. Where is the justice in that? The Games are not for those who have already gotten the “Gold” for their abilities, they are for those good enough to compete on an international level but not at the professional level.

When the “Games went professional” other country’s basketball team members were more interested in getting their hands on shoes signed by the American team than beating them on the court…because they knew that would be virtually impossible. Bill Toomey’s Wheaties’ endorsement cost him, but now making millions in the NBA or at Wimbledon doesn’t cost today’s participants anything but time away from winning money.

Maybe I’m jealous…yeah, that’s it. I feel those athletes didn’t get there by themselves…we all helped. Some teacher somewhere, some coach somewhere, some road construction crew, some bus driver somewhere did it for them. The athletes dedication to the sport…the hours in training, the muscle aches, the early mornings in the pool, the late nights perfecting whatever skills necessary for their sport had nothing to do with their success…someone else did it for them…maybe I should get a piece of that Gold…sounds almost as ridiculous and untrue as the now famous quote, “If you are successful in your business…You didn’t build that.”

Yeah I know it is only a paraphrase of the original, but you get the point and the parallel.

“The athletes didn’t earn that , someone else earned that Gold for them.”



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