“I Left IT”

Success is not the same for everyone. It’s also not what you measure but how you measure whatever it is that you fell is success.

I recently read that a high placed and high earning individual gave it all up to do…well nothing. He probably felt that chasing the goal as it moved further away, because of the definition of what the goal is kept changing, was no longer worth the time and effort. Why not live a simpler life, write that novel, take those photographs, improve my outlook and mood, play more with the grandchildren…and their grandmother…why not live on the beach where the hotel is attached by an alcoholic umbilical cord to the bar under the grass thatched roof over the pool bar. The only worry in the world is whether or not the “tide is going to reach” his chair…and if it did the cabana boys could carry him closer to the bar.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I begrudge anyone for making “IT.” I hope to make “IT”…someday, but saying you are leaving it all for the simpler life is not quite the same unless you really leave “IT” or give “IT” all away to someone “more deserving”… like me still trying to make “IT.” To take “IT” with you sort of takes the grandeur of leaving “IT” all behind away if you don’t. That is a parallel to those who have the money to buy a large new house but buy an old dilapidated, ready to fall down, long in the tooth, shouldn’t be reconstructed, slightly worn beach house on some exclusive to be gated community beach and, when completed, show it off in “Architectural Digest” and claim…”Yes, we spent a year restoring and rebuilding this old fisherman’s cottage into this 8 bedroom, 10 bath home for us to spend  two weeks of of our summer vacation  at. We felt Europe was too unstable to travel to anymore.”

Now this would be all well in good to do and claim to have done it if they had really done it! Instead they hire a designer, an architect, framers, plumbers, landscapers etal, to get the reconstruction (actually, the attachment of the fisherman cottage to the new construction) and proudly claim “We remodeled this place…”

Do it yourself, get the splinters and muscle aches, worry if you did the electrical and plumbing correctly and if the framing will withstand the wind, the rain and the extreme weather and worst of all the grandchildren and their dogs. Then and only then can you say “WE” did it.

And, while you’re at it, don’t tell me you left “IT” all behind for the simpler life if you really didn’t.

And if you did leave “IT” all behind, at least tell me where you left “IT.”


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