Barefoot Walks

A trip to the coast and our summer is over. Well at least the traveling portion of it. I still have painting on the outside of the house to do, some roofing repair and garden work, etc. etc…
So while at the beach I figured I would extend my enjoyment by going barefoot whenever possible to enjoy the last throws of summer. I even wore shorts. Yes my previously, jeans covered, support brace wearing knees were able to be exposed to the light of the day. A horrid site to be sure. I mean these white, pasty legs have been under wraps for quite a few years. Now that my knee has been replaced I am able to wear the previously locked up closet full of shorts.
People were staring at my legs, more likely than not because they probably couldn’t believe how brave I was to expose them to the burning rays of the sun. But more likely they were thinking, “Cover them up. Children and women should not be exposed to anything as hideous as those strings hanging from you shorts!”
I walked on with pride…well maybe not pride…and moved down the beach in a not so fluid gate, enjoying the sun, wind and waves on my legs and the sand under my bare feet. That is until I encountered a rock…nay a boulder… maybe even a smallish mountain, which had been camouflaged by the sand, lying in wait to strike at my unsuspecting toes. The pain was excruciating, the shock to my system unbearable, the tears in my eyes non-existent, but they were threatening.
OK, in reality it only required a moment of swearing, hopping on one foot for attention and a Rocky and Bullwinkle bandage, but hey the bone bruise hurt!
Actually the worst thing about the whole episode was that it reminded me of the days as a boy, running barefoot most of the summer, stubbing the end of my toe and ripping off a huge hunk of skin…all of which made wearing my Sunday go to meeting shoes to Mass extremely painful.
But the sand under my feet and my bare and beautiful legs did remind me of days spent on the Atlantic coast and all the joys of a childhood filled with fun in the sun.
Except for that day when the loose board on the board walk flipped over and the 16 penny nail that had been holding it down…


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