I woke from a night of ‘uncomfortable’ dreams. Something that I am going to have to live through the rest of my life…but something I realize is doable…at least I can wake from mine.

I drug my melancholy carcass down the stairs and started about my daily routine in an effort to extricate myself from this feeling of despair. Coffee kettle on, water in the pan and on the stove for cereal, toast in the toaster and check the internet for words of interest about things that happened overnight that might lighten my mood…not going to happen today. I’m afraid I have bad news…the world is so small that we are crushing each other with the weight of bad news.

Syria is the bane of our existence right now. It seems that someone wants to control someone else so the first someone can live on the top of the heap at the expense of everyone else; not the type of living on the top of the heap that is achieved by hard work and starting a business or inventing something beneficial for mankind but the kind of living at the top of the heap by simply taking the hill with power, anger and delivering a death blow to those that oppose your type of glory. And then those relegated to living within that society brought on by domination aren’t really living but barely surviving and are doing that by rules which we would not live by.

I do not by any means feel guilty for the life style I live or that I have the ability to live free and have the freedom to improve my lot in live but the article I read angers me to my soul! I could paraphrase the article but even the gift of words that God has given me could not do the story justice.

Why would anyone do this and why does there exist a society that puts the constraints on a portion of the population to restrict the women so that, even in the event of an emergency. they are required to bow to the whims of someone’s ego…an ego that is more concerned when the constraints were violated by an outsider than it is by the death of their child?





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