Buya Moon

Another morning of trying to figure the world out and I can’t. The who’s, what’s, where’, when’s, but most importantly the why’s have me befuddled. So to save myself some aggravation, I did what any normal, well adjusted, intelligent and sensible semi-retired person would do and that was to go back to bed for an hour, wake and start the day over again…forgetting (at least ignoring) my first attempt at the morning.

That done and a couple of cups of coffee and bowls of Cheerios in my belly, I developed the photos of Southern Oregon University’s volleyball game against archrival (love that word) Oregon Institute of Technology and uploaded them to in hopes that the team would go there and enjoy the photos…and of course purchase many, many, many and add to my travel fund.

You see I need to get away again…hook up the travel trailer and head off to parts known and parts unknown and just get away. I seem to have that need the more life moves on…to see and share my adventures through pictures and words. “To go where no one has gone before.” Well something like that.

Last year I gave a presentation in a nature writing class at SOU, showing photos of my journey’s looking for that perfect spot. As Steven King put it in “Liecy’s Story” a place called BUYA MOON…that place where you can travel and rejuvenate, drown all your sorrows and troubles and become new in body and spirit. I showed photos of Delicate Arch in Arches National Park, sunsets over the ocean, views in Yosemite Park, morning in Mesquite Dunes in Death Valley and more. I ended the presentation with a photo of my family on our front porch and said that sometimes the best view in from my front porch looking in.

My children are 6oo miles from us…each in the opposite direction of each other and without them the view is sometimes lacking.

But back to the views…as seen above…you can agree they are spectacular and I miss traveling to them and sitting in the solitude of time and place almost as much as I miss the kids. We all spent so many wonderful trips in the wagon going from place to place that they are with me whenever and wherever I go.

Maybe that’s what I need…a family fix in nature…those precious moments with us sharing God’s gifts, a gentle rain to wash away the troubles of the world and the rainbow giving the promise of better tomorrows.

Oh if life and peace were only that simple.


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