Break the String

I encountered an interesting subject on my RSS feed that showed up on my popup page. There was some Democratic Underground conversation string laying in wait for some unsuspecting conservative leaning independent who thinks that discussion of opposing points of view is both important and necessary to reach a “bipartisan” approach to today’s problems. The string of comments was blasting Romney for being rich and hating the rich for being rich and stating that they were responsible for all the problems of the poor and that they did not deserve their wealth because “They didn’t build that.”

Now some of the ‘rich’ do have some culpability in today’s problems, but many of the ‘poor’ take no responsibility for their lot in life. On both ends it is a minority of either the rich or the poor. Placing a blanket statement over either group is wrong. There are enough examples to go around.

I have a friend, who during the run up in real estate was blaming society for making it impossible for his son and his wife to buy a house. Now his son was a teacher and so was his wife. At the time they were both bringing north of forty thousand dollars, each…definitely not poor. They were living in a low rent house provided by a friend to help them out, but they couldn’t seem to save enough money for a down payment. He drove a new truck, she a new van, they each has a jet ski in the garage and took expensive trips to destinations that most of us could not afford, and his father wondered why his son was unable to afford a house, but blamed it on society. Let me think!…oh yeah, personal choices.

Back to the ‘string.’ I joined the string and asked why everyone was pushing hating the rich. I asked why the practice and tactic of blaming ALL of society’s ills on the rich was being done again. Didn’t this bring on the hatred for the Jews in Germany during the 30’s, and the wealthy in Russia during Lennon and Stalin. And didn’t that all lead to genocide and starvation of millions upon millions of people?

Agreed hard work won’t make everybody who prescribes to it wealthy…but it will give you the internal wealth and satisfaction of the effort. You may not even end up with what some are saying is an unalienable right of happiness…you only have the unalienable right to the ‘pursuit of happiness.’ And you need to pursue it in order to achieve it.

My blog is not political and I attempt to stay completely stay away from it, but in the afore mentioned string, a forum where ideas are supposed to be presented and discussed…mine was censored by ‘committee.’ Seems to me that the “Democratic” Underground cannot be considered very “Democratic” when they use the tactics of Socialists and Communists. They speak of bipartisanship, cooperation, inclusion of all, and the open and free discussion of ideas. This works well and strengthens our society if it  is allowed to be implemented and not forestalled by either the extreme right or the wacky left. It seems they want to discuss change for the ‘better’ but only as they see it. You only censor ideas that are different from yours and those that may make someone think and possibly bring about a change that was brought about through true ‘bipartisanship.’

Change is good, let’s break the string and… “Let’s all start with the man in the mirror.”

ASIDE: Sorry to vent but hate and censorship are not the answers.


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