First Day

Living life to its fullest is in and of itself interesting. We wake to a new day filled with promise and new experiences. We go through the mundane routine of the morning and head into the mundane routine of the afternoon and the rest of the day. Then we proceed to bed, say our prayers and thank God for the day and look forward to tomorrow…sometimes tossing and turning with anticipation or dread about repeating today’s non-adventures. And when our routine is sometimes readjusted by unexpected events we find ourselves on a new side street of life which causes out heart to run rampant with fear…but more hopefully with anticipation.

But what if you woke to find yourself in a totally new world…your eyes open to a light so bright it startled you…to sounds so new all you wanted to do was close the holes in your ears and return to the relative silence, warmth, quiet, comfort, and security of your mother’s womb and the soothing sound of your mother’s heartbeat.

Who are all these hairy creatures leaning over me telling each other to “SUPPORT THE HEAD”? Why does my stomach feel empty and why am I so cold!?

Remember that day when everyday ahead was a new adventure; when every day held the promise of a new discovery; when every moment of life offered an experience so stimulating that even passing gas mad you smile?

Angie and I were able share that experience with our new granddaughter on Saturday. We watched as Ingrid Evelyn Saskia Pelton enjoyed her first full day of life outside the womb. All I could imagine she was thinking was probably the same thing she will be thinking when she is 14 and gets a ride from her father to school. “Dad, could you park around the corner and let me off there?” As if all her friends being dropped off at school by their dads around the same corner won’t see her…as if she walked to school. I don’t digress but am WAY ahead of myself.

It was a joy to watch her father (our son Lucas) as he fussed over her and her mother (Becca) like a dutiful nursemaid. He held Ingrid so Becca could get some rest or chat with the stream of nurses and visitors wishing her well and offering her advice of breast feeding. Since I have no firsthand experience in this matter I, of course, offered no advice what-so-ever. Although I did advise my son to enjoy every minute because…well just because it was there.

I am looking forward to sharing minutes, hours and days with our new granddaughter. And time watching our son grow into fatherhood and our daughter Elle grow to be the ever fantastic aunt she will undoubtedly be. Angie and I will unquestionably stumble into grandparent-hood; complete with the sore tongues that come with the territory of keeping the “You shoulds and the I woulds” locked in the vaults that are our mouths… locked there by the key that is our teeth.

But fair warning to the newly minted mother and father…we are defiantly going to enjoy the privilege availed to us by the grandiose new title of Grandma and Grandpa…in our case Yaya and Papa…and spoil Ingrid rotten and send her home to mom and dad to deal with.

Yaya, Papa and Ingrid

One thought on “First Day

  1. Thanks Dad. That’s really nice to read, to know you care so much, and to hear how excited you guys are. It was so important to me that you were there the first day, and it felt really good to go out and have lunch with you and talk with you, my parents, as a parent myself. I’m waiting for the surprises the future holds to take me unawares, and to navigate those waters with the all tools that you’ve given me. Thank you.

    Oh look. Now I’ve gone and made myself cry. I seem to be doing that a lot recently.

    What a sentimental son you’ve raised.

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