Man-made Seasons

Bemoaning the loss of one season and the movement into another could be construed by some as…well wining. “Just shut up and move on,” they say. “Simply move on and enjoy the next.” Easy for them to say, they probably live in Florida where one season moves into the next with an almost perceivable change in temperature of a degree or three destroying all hope of spending tomorrow afternoon playing in the ‘winter’ shuffleboard tournament…of taking the bus down to the boardwalk for some diet yogurt or salt water taffy, sitting on the benches “…watching the sun bake, all of the tourist covered with oil…” sing it Jimmy.

Enough of letting my envious spirit run wild on the warm sandy beaches of where ever they are at this present time…and I’m not.

OK, enough of the winning and onto the real reason I am suffering the pain of sitting here at the computer with the pain and suffering I am going through after another visit to the hospital and some turkey carving on my already carved and scared chest. “It’s a simple procedure and you will be in and out in about an hour…or two.” How is a cut and dice procedure requires an hour or two called a procedure? Simple…if your go under the knife at least once a year for the last…oh five years or so…and it takes less than the five hours it took to do your open heart surgery…they simply call it a procedure. (I’m beginning to sound like Billy Chrystal in “City Slickers. Just need that Jamaican Nurse I can call Mama…would like to listen to the accent though. Maybe a trip to Jamaica mon…that would solve a lot of my ailments…may never come home!) I know, I know “I wander when I wonder” (an earlier post on this blog site…READ IT!) But back to the seasons and the reasons I’m dragging you thorough the backyard garden of my mind.

I was glad when winter turned into spring and overjoyed when spring turned into summer and, although a little reticent because of what will eventually follow, I enjoyed watching summer turn into autumn…and well although winter is a little rough on my knees I do enjoy the beauty of the sugar covered world that my world becomes. But I know that the cycle will continue and each and every season will begin and END in due course as it has…well at least through my entire existence on this planet. But the man made seasons are beginning to get me down. Halloween has become a season, with orange and black decorations, grave yards, scarecrows and goblins and the ever glorious, witches adorning houses, yards and stores…Happy Halloween for at least a month and no longer a simple Trick or Treat on a simple evening of soaping screens and tipping over trashcans. And before this extended holiday ends Thanksgiving begins, giving way to turkeys, pilgrims and corn stalks decorate the yards and houses…the scare crows are allowed to remain giving us all the felling that Halloween and Thanksgiving are morphing into a two month holiday. But now, before the pilgrims and Indians have barely given thanks to God the Great Spirit, the stores have begun their Black Friday events…on Thanksgiving Thursday.  “Come into the store and watch your favorite football game on the big screen TV that can be sitting in…strike that…occupying your living room along with the sectional that you have passed out on (and left your turkey prints on because you had to beat the crowd here so you didn’t stop to wash your hands before leaving the house) and all for an easy no payments for 24 months…read the fine print about the 39% accruable interest rate. So before the traditional four day Thanksgiving holiday…which has morphed into the NEW traditional month long Hallowsgiving/pre Christmas holiday…turns into the traditional Christmas holiday that PC people can no longer mention as Merry Christmas…lets all stumble into the Happy Holidays season and it’s yard decorations and hurriedly enjoy it before we sleepily stumble into the candy consuming Valentines Day-Week-Month-Season!

In all reality, I must admit that I truly love the holidays…especially Christmas…I just wish that the commercialization of what was once a completely enjoyable time of year hadn’t melded into a life style that has become somewhat a mishmash of one season with changing themes, disliked and made mundane by their overlapping. So I’ll enjoy the seasons in the old way…with a break in between… and try to refrain from exploding from the pressures of the new way. And, with there being so many more ways we can explode on the horizon, I think I’ll just be the old curmudgeon that I seem to become and have inherited from Andy Rooney…sans the eyebrows…and just enjoy the on-coming of the more enjoyable man made seasons…like the political season.

The presidential election season is over and although the congressional mid-term election season will begin with the sweeping up of the confetti off the DC Mall, to be followed by the onslaught and return of the two year presidential season (which has already begun.)

I hear Hillary will be making a bid again next season…in reality her season has been going on since the 1980’s…damn she has been running for president longer than Romney.

Any way…at least I won’t have to shop and pick out a nice scarf or car jack for a returnable present…I’ll just have to fill out the check, mail it to my designated wana-be-do-gooder and know that, since I am not from a foreign country who is unfriendly to the US and am not breaking any donation laws that I know of…my gift will not be returned or exchanged.

And the following is a non-returnable vision of natures sugarplums to dance in your dreams during those trying times of the holidays…MERRY CHRISTMAS!IMG_S8601 IMG_S8611 IMG_S8658


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