Mischievous Spirit

Sometimes you feel that you have the whole world in you’re the palm of your hands. Nothing could be better…there is no way you could feel more like you are on top of the world more than you feel at this very moment. There is nothing that could happen that could bring you down or up higher than where you are in your emotional Nirvana…ever! Then It happens. It doesn’t have to be big, or disastrous, or even bad. Hey you could have met the one of your dreams, got a better job, a promotion, or just had someone smile at you on the street when you were having a bad day! Sometimes the smallest thing can change you day or your outlook.

My first real It came when I went to Viet Nam… hadn’t planned for that one. Once back It was over. I had survived and no Purple Heart. No lingering effects to worry about. Love and marriage were the next It and a lifetime of lingering effects…to enjoy. Five years later my wife informed me that we were pregnant…this was a big It. Life would change as I knew it forever. I was ecstatic and for the next nine months I was a pile of jitters…filled with anticipation and jitters. Worries about being a father for the first time and how I would measure up to my expectations of how I would handle all the responsibilities. According to my son Lucas, I met those expectations and then some; a truly nice compliment.

My daughter Elle produced the next big It by showing up two and one half years later, on time, and quite and a mouse…  Lucas was two weeks late and not all that quiet. The quiet as a mouse condition continued until she first rolled over…at six months…then the world, and I, had a new and highly active little girl. How was I going to deal with her? I had no idea. I was a boy, a man, with no idea what to do with a baby girl. How do you raise a fragile, tender, heart stealing, catch you off guard with a smile, bundle of female charms. I just cradled her and loved her like I thought a father should love his brand new daughter. I later learned that, although this was acceptable to her on one hand, she was, how should I put this, a wild child.

She had a mischievous streak that was adorable. Once during the search for the perfect pumpkin in the pumpkin patch, she held one up, put this crooked smile on her face, ignored the parental “Don’t you dare,” dropped the pumpkin and took off in a sprint with laughter bubbling up from deep within her chest. I caught her, but how could I punish that spirit. How could I do anything but laugh with her? How could I do anything but love that person who captured my heart the day she was born.

Many more spirited events filled our lives, some filled with laughter, some marred by tears, but none so outrageous we couldn’t get through them…I have been so blessed.

This little It in my life is now presenting me with a new It…she is getting married. He’s a wonderful guy and I am happy for them both. I guess I’ll just have to deal with, and enjoy, this new reality and wait around, prepared this time, for the possibility of a new It that may enter my life in the form a new fragile, tender, heart stealing, catch you off guard with a smile, bundle of charms…time will tell.

In the meantime, I wish Ben well in his duties of handling his chosen fragile, tender, heart stealing, catch you off guard with a smile, bundle of female charms and mischievous spirit that is my daughter.


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