Couldn’t Be Simpler


I had a difficult time falling, and staying, asleep the night before last. I tossed and turned attempting to shut down my mind. Reading did not help do anything except keep my mind active on something I actually wanted it to remain active on. So I put the book down and “Bang, Bang Out goes the lights!” and I settled in to once again attempt the impossible for the night.

I have idea how long I lay there practicing all the tricks I have learned and used to encourage the night to wrap me in its warmth and send be off to dream land but, self hypnosis learned in Viet Nam, deep breathing land counting backwards learned from who knows where and several other tricks must have worked because I eventually fell asleep.

Last night, determined not to repeat the night events before, thinking that exhaustion alone would not allow a restful night’s sleep, I was not going to take a chance. Even though the sheets on the bed had been changed about three days ago I striped the bed, found new sheets, stretched them military tight, spread and re-tucked the covers, changed the pillow cases and brushed my teeth, combed my hair…never know who you might meet in a dream and you only have on chance to make a first impression…climbed into bed, smoothly spread the covers over me and drifted off to sleep.

Whether or not it was all the preparations or the exhaustion of the previous sleepless night I fell fast asleep and remained there except for the occasional waking period between dreams.

The dreams came in fits and starts and this morning I began to wonder if a rest full night’s sleep will ever be in my future. Why can’t I sleep like I did when I was younger?; lack of melatonin, lack of exercise, lack of purpose in my life? This morning I began to think, what could be the problems as I use to be able actively avoid this process, and came up with a possible solution to my failed excursions into the nocturnal realm of dreams. I can control my day dreams, why not my night dreams and came up with the knowledge that I can’t. Day dreams are controlled by my conscious self and my night dream are controlled by my subconscious self. And I have a terrible time controlling my conscious self so attempting to control someone I have no hope of controlling will not grant me the serenity of pleasant dreams.

When my daughter was young she would have me kiss her goodnight on the corner of her left eye. Each kiss representing the dreams she would have during each hour of her night. If I messed up I would have to kiss the corner of her right eye, breathe deeply to remove the previously placed kisses, kiss the corner of her right eye to seal the drain hole, and repeat the kisses on the corner of her left eye. It seemed to work as she always woke happy, rubbing the sleepy bugs from her eye, smiling at the day. I don’t think I could repeat this process on myself, but I would like to replicate the blissful mornings I saw her enjoy.

Ok…what can the problem be and what can the solution be?

I have given it much more thought and have come up with the greatest possibility to the problem and the solution…it’s my pillows. When we travel my wife and I pack our pillows so that we have the comfort of home the pillows that bring a restful night. On our trip to visit her parents for Christmas, I forgot to bring my pillows home and they are giving someone else a great night of dreams at the Air B&B where we spent our vacation. It’s the only plausible explanation! They were fairly new and the dreams they held were only partially used. Dreams encased within, being slowly released through the down feathers and soft Egyptian cotton cases; the way they caressed my face in warmth and comfort…like kisses at the corner of my left eye.

I have not purchased new pillows to replace the ones lost to travel, but have replaced them with the pillows that had occupied the bed in the guest room. Down substitute pillows, filled with the used dreams of others. That has to be the dream problem. Older used pillows have lost all the happy dreams they once held! Unused dreams no longer there to comfort the sleeper, me, through the long cold restless nights. I now have the solution! Once the pillows have been replaced, no more sleepless nights…no more nights filled with incomprehensible dreams! I will have no need to self hypnotize, to endlessly count backwards, to find some way to control my uncontrollable subconscious. I need only to resume the quest…to find the Holy Grail of a good…nah…a great night’s sleep!

I’ll just go out and find down filled, dream filled replacement pillows…the solution…couldn’t be simpler!


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