It Will Be An Adventure


Days, weeks, months and years past rushing up forward…or backward if you consider we didn’t exist before and won’t after. Well at least here on Earth. Yes I believe in the after life but that is not where I’m going, at least not now. No I talking RETIREMENT the big R, the time of life you get to do, or not do, whatever you want. Sit on the front porch swing drinking lemonade; Maybe mint juleps, vodka tonics, cold beers, or whatever. Reading books that should have been read years before…as in the classics. Or some romance novel, Zane Grey, Tom Clancy, or the favorite novelist of the day. It just doesn’t matter.

Maybe take an ocean cruse somewhere, buy a RIG and camp the US or for the intrepid someplace far away, foreign abd exotic. Ah! All that can be done now that we have nothing to do…YEA RIGHT!

I retired, or semiretired about 9 years ago, my wife 2. We thought we would be traveling, returning to the nest and deciding where to adventure next. Most of was to be done in the lower 48 with a possible trip to Alaska…go north the rush is on! But t seems that the most of our travel has bees to family events from which we demand of ourselves some side trips but nothing of much consequence.

My sons wedding and house remodel and of course the birth of our first grand child…the most beautiful and intelligent and talented child in the world “don’t ya know”. My daughters wedding and, of course, inevitable house remodel. My nephews wedding and since I didn’t bring him into this world he can worry about remodeling his own house. My mother-in-laws 80th birthday/family reunion and next my mothers 90 birthday in July. Ok, that about does it…no wait our niece is getting married in September in Virginia and wants us to be part of the wedding. Well maybe we’ll drive from Oregon (on the west coast of the US) to Virginia about 5000miles away (on the east coast of the US).

Now this, of course will take some planning…drive straight through and spend time exploring the east or leave early and side trip along the way exploring the flyover states . The way I see, either way we choose, I WON’T MAKE PLANS.

We all know the saying, “Man makes plans and God laughs”.

So let’s all jump in the Escalade some time in August, fill up the tank and head east…hope for the best and expect the worst. And maybe retirement will start somewhere along the way. Yeah, maybe.

But any way you look at it, it will be an adventure.


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