Which Came First

We all have grown up with the rhetorical question, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg”. The question has been posed for a myriad of circumstances; good grades and study…or bad grades and no study, hard work and rewards…or no work and no rewards, love and returned love…or, wait that one really doesn’t apply does it. Any way you get my point.

My parents put forth a measured amount of effort and received a measured amount of rewards ,basicly a fourty hour a week job with a retirement attached; Likewise my grandparents. My four brothers are a mixed bag of hard work and not so hard work; measured amount of effort and measured amount of rewards are the result.

Myself, in all honesty have only bones for fingers…you know, work your fingers to the bone and what do you get…sing it with me “Booooney Fiiingers!” But if you do it diligently and repeatedly you do reap the rewards. Some of those rewards are yet to come, and I am still working on boney fingers. But as I look forward to turning sixty-five in ten days…May 30, 2016…I must say that I am much better off than my parents were at this stage in life, but still hope to make it to ninety as my mother will this July. I am one of those the news, the proponents and the politicians say that are the last generation that will be better off than their parents. Have to disagree with this statement.

With four brothers who are of my generation…Baby Boomers Unite!…I am definitely the only one who is better off than my parents. Don’t get me wrong, my brothers are nowhere near destitute, but we are far apart when being better than our parents.

Hard work, determination, a desire to achieve and of course a wife standing side by side with me in the struggle for “Truth, Justice and the American Way” and a correlating desire to excel, is what has given us our status of “Better Off”.

Where I am going with this is my frustration with the news people telling us that Camelot is dead. That the next generation can no longer look forward to being one of The Knights of the Round Table…or any table. Or aspire to become the King Arthur of your own realm and have more than one horse in the barn…or even own a barn.

The Millennial Generation is the only generation since…this period of time varies depending on how dismal the news wants to make the world sound…who are not going to better off than their parents…Yeah as if you should let someone else choose your future…or tell you what your chances of your definition of better off is.

But to contradict this I hear the Millennials say that they don’t WANT to be better off than their parents…as defined by the want to be news makers. As in “I really don’t want…insert desire here…a house, a car, a full time job, (just a higher minimum wage). I don’t want anything I have to worry about or take care of. I want to live in a WEE HOUSE, off the grid somewhere…I want to be mobile.

In a way that IS what they believe IS better off than their parents…happy without incumberments. Who’s to argue? It sure won’t be me.

I went my own way not trying to be better than my parents but just wanting to excel. My first business started during one recession and ended during another. My second business or incarnation started during that recession and continued during that one and though another and another and another ect. One mans downturn is another’s recession and others depression…or if viewed correctly one’s mans opportunities.

So in my and my wife’s case, hard work came before the rewards. And because we didn’t stop there more rewards are to come.

None of this is to brag just to say that I know in my case, which came first “The chicken or the egg”. And my chicken, or egg…as the case may be…may not be what someone else’s is.

So, Millinenials, don’t listen to the news (want to be makers) define to you what your chicken or egg should be or to define what better off than your parents should be. So I say “Choose your own shape and size to the table for your Knights to sit at.” But remember to feather your ‘Nest Egg’ enough so that you don’t rely on others to provide your “Better Off” in your retirement years.


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