TO Young To Be Old

I recently read an article where the author was complaining that he was given a senior discount at…well where doesn’t really matter…he was just complaining that he should have been asked if he was OLD ENOUGH to be the recipient of a senior discount, an honor to a senior citizen.

Maybe I give him too much credit here calling it an honor. Maybe he felt he was ‘too young to be old’. He just didn’t want to be seen as an advanced aged human being. Really! Is it such a ‘dishonor’ that someone working at a menial task job…one that took no more brain cells than it takes to tie ones shoes in the morning…to recognize that a person standing before him, with a cheap, badly self applied, no name blue hair die, guaranteed to cover the grey, comb over was old enough…at least over the age of 55 or even 65…to be qualified to receive a “Congratulations for living so long and having survived so many presidential elections that you should be nominated for sainthood’ and are deserving of a monumental 5% discount on your purchase of 5 cases of extra large adult diapers overflowing your cart…and the 3 case limit that I will over look because of your terribly died blue hair comb over.

Sorry for the run on sentence but the mood just struck me…and the obscurity of this ‘gentlemans’ reaction to an act of honor put me in the mood to ramble. I mean seriously, are we so ingrained not to honor our elderly, that when we reach our golden years we take it as an insult when some one…some YOUNG someone…decides to give us the benefit of the doubt and not embarrass us, making us of older years, beg for the discount most stores now offer. I think if the gentleman wanted so much to be asked…like a child of 12 attempting to get into a PG13 movie… “Are you old enough to receive the 5% discount we offer to seniors.” Should the honor be removed from all who appear to be over the age to which this ‘gift’ is given? Maybe the ‘gentleman’ would have felt better if the overworked underpaid cashier had not offered the discount.

And maybe the ‘gentelman’ would have been happier if when asked IF he was old enough and IF he was over the appointed age, he had been asked for three forms of government issued picture ID’s and a note from his 3 year old grandchild proving his eligibility for this honor…one, by the way not required by any law or presidential dictum.

I am an advanced aged citizen; one whose original expiration date was extended thanks to a great heart surgeon and the advances of modern medicine. And I accept the fact that my weather worn face and child induced grey hair give me that distinguished look that comes with age. (Yes darling…aged like a fine wineJ)

I am also a veteran who appreciates the companies that give price consideration and a “Thank you for your service” to us who have stood the wall for our country and it’s citizens.

So I ask those who do not want to be seen as deserving of the honor given to the older generation because it…well it makes them feel ‘OLD’ to simply say no thank you to the honor and shuffle along with your overflowing basket of adult diapers and guarantied to make you look younger blue hair die and go about your life.

I for one feel that, yes I am “To young to be old” but I am not to proud not to accept the recognition of the celebrity status given to the elderly in other countries…now being given here in the USA.


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