About the About Page

I keep seeing that people are visiting this page and I have been trying to figure about what is the about page. Is it about face (sorry military humor), about the world and its problems, about politics, about what I think or simply about me? If I was a betting man…and I’m not since I don’t like losing money…I would bet on the latter.

Me? Pretty simple really. High school graduate that graduated in the upper quarter of my class…no high achiever then…entered the Navy serving five years regular with fourteen months of those in Viet Nam and then two years in the reserves. I was asked to leave because I didn’t feel I needed hair shorter than past my shoulders to serve a weekend a month and two weeks a year… their loss…no conceit just the facts mam. Two years of college where I studied business management and racquetball, volleyball, tennis, golf, swimming and various other sports related classes. I guess my subconscious was telling me that I really didn’t want to spend my life sitting behind a desk…whether or not the office had a window. So I applied for and received a cabinetmakers apprenticeship with the local union…luckily I was assigned to Henry Schnell, an Old Danish cabinetmaker. Without him I probably would have been sent down the road of slap together cabinets and would have never been taught that “Take your time, do it right the first time and you won’t have to do it again!”

After five years of Henry’s tutelage I moved on and did three more years at a high end cabinet shop before feeling I knew enough to start my own shop.

I need to insert an aside here…You Never Know Enough! I discovered that my five years in the Navy helped me to know how to handle employees, my two years at college had given me the basics for running a business, an my years with Henry and given me a major jump start on the mechanics of quality cabinet making, but I should have also spent many years in a clown act in the circus to learn how to juggle all that running a business and being a good husband and father entailed!!!

After running my cabinet shop in San Diego CA for a considerable number of years, we moved to Medford OR, in southern Oregon, for a slower paced and higher quality of life. Along with the move came the realization that the upscale furniture and cabinetry were replaced by the good ole’ boy “I’ll do it myself” way of thinking and that the what customer envisioned as a pleasant please to do business mattered not. So on to my other skills…developed and sharply honed on repairing my own house and the rentals I had purchased for retirement income…knowing full well that Social Security would be heading where it has headed…and I started a home repair business.

During all this I never lost my love of photography and when a military related injury put me on the couch and out of the construction ball game, I returned to college and graduated with a degree in photojournalism. Always the photographer, I needed to learn how to write. Numerous journalism and creative writing classes later I think I am able to begin practicing writing much as a doctor practices medicine and lawyers practice law.

So read on and return often to wander through the back yard of my mind that is my writing.


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